In our company we are aware that the best quality of uninterrupted powering with electrical energy is possible to assure only with care planning of individual components and the whole system. All the phases on the developing of the project are important. We are achieving this with a good team of experts and long term of experiences.
Our company is registered, qualified and has a enough number of trained specialists and experts with suitable experiences for making diversified and technical documentation. In the list of projective companies of Engineering chamber of Slovenia the company Sitel is recorded under the number 0746.

Experts employed on the field of engineering and projecting have done professional exams from corresponding fields in such a manner that they can make technical documentation, can lead work and can make professional supervision over construction the objects.

With our professional team we can make a whole project or we can help by making the individual phases of the project.

By planning we lean on our own experiences and experiences of our suppliers, because only with good planning we can avoid later inconvenience and unnecessary additional costs.

In our complex of projecting we make projective and technical documentation from the fields of: 

  • DC uninterruptible power supplies,
  • AC uninterruptible power supplies,
  • system of air-conditioning,
  • disposition of telecommunication and computer spaces.

In our complex of investment engineering we do the following services:

  • cooperation by development and transmission of different technology and equipment,
  • thoughtful studies, marks and studies of rightness of investment,
  • counseling, organizing and leading the projects,
  • leading, making and delivery of in investment and technical documentation,
  • professional supervision over performing the projects.

In our complex of performing engineering we do the following services:

  • making the necessary technical documentation,
  • delivery of different investment equipment,
  • organizing and leading the construction,
  • directing and start up the equipment,
  • testing and start up the equipment,
  • delivery of the object and documentation, teaching the users.

We also offer:

  • counseling and preparation of thoughtful solutions of the projects,
  • realization of the projects on key,
  • counseling on the fields of electro installation, grounding, boosting voltage,
  • counseling on the field of power supply systems,
  • counseling on the field of batteries.

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