We are the leading Slovenian production company on the field of uninterruptible power supply.
In our company we have been dealing with production of separate system or whole systems on the field of power supply equipment and systems for many years.

We also produce our own separate components for final products, such as power supply systems, battery testers, interfaces …

Systems of uninterruptible power supply in a hard word term are divided on two ways: DC uninterruptible power supply systems and AC uninterruptible power supply systems. The main components are rectifiers in different executions, accumulator batteries in different executions and if is needed inverters for providing AC uninterruptible power supply.

In our production program we have:

  • DC uninterruptible power supply systems with the following nominal output voltage: 12V, 24V, 60V, 110V, 220V nominal output voltage up to 4000 A,
  • AC uninterruptible power supply systems with the following nominal output voltage: 110V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz, 230V/60Hz, 400V/50Hz, 400V/60Hz power up to 800 kVA,
  • DC distribution cabinets,
  • AC distribution cabinets,
  • communication cases with equipment for ladle out and transmission of information and data over different media.

All systems are made from standard components regarding to technical demands of the customers.

Our process of development is constantly adjusted with worldwide trends and standards.

We are also occupied with making special equipment on requests of the purchaser where we take into consideration specific requests of the purchaser. By all of this we are using up-todate technical solutions and services.


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