We offer you a wide choice of quality services, which we are assuring with long-term experiences and a good team of specialists.
We realize that the contentment of our customers is not assured only with the sale of the product but also with a good cooperation before baying the device or system and also after baying it. On this way we attend for advising, setting up the devices and systems, training and education, service and maintenance.

We offer you the following services:

  • Maintenance
  • Service
  • Maintenance/service contracts 24/7
  • Setting up/disassembly of systems
  • Measuring, analyses
  • Installations and starting
  • Uninterruptible switches
  • Copy of existent state
  • Making reports
  • Education, workrooms
  • Control of quality
  • Earthing and electro installation testing
  • Measuring the capacity of accumulator batteries

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